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In a nutshell, web design is the science and art of developing the look, feel, and functioning of websites and web pages. Also known as page design. An easy to navigate website and a clear user interface is what contributes to the user experience of website visitors. A successful Web design Training covers many aspects like JavaScript, HTML, HTML5, layouts, graphics, colors, texts size, cascading style sheets, etc.

Nowadays, responsive web design encompasses understanding the tech and platforms used to access web content not forgetting the accessibility needs of users.

Wondering where to learn web and UX design, you are in the right place.

Is web designing a good career choice?

Currently, anyone who wants to create an online presence has to have a responsive website. Whatever niche the business or an individual is operating, a website is a must-have to give a competitive advantage.

With web design training, you open yourself up to these expanding market. It brings you up to speed with several creative and technical skills required for planning, building, and maintaining a website.
To create an outstanding web presence, the understanding of programming languages backend coding creation is critical. Here at Think Trek Solution, we offer a range of web design training classes that suit your needs. Whether it’s a beginner’s course or an advanced course to grow your career, we have you covered.

Are web designers in high demand?

The understanding of web design development opens up, new career opportunities as well as advancing your professional-level skills. Regardless of whether you are employed, a freelancer, consultant, web design training is the key to improving your skills.
According to Glassdoor, the average annual salary for a Web Designer starts from INR 348,169. Entry-level salary starts at INR 120,000 annually. Why not take a Web Design Training course today!

We have designed 3 different types of courses so students can choose a course based on their interest and skill set. We will give practical knowledge so that you can have better understanding of the design and development work in comparison to a fresher. As you have a practical knowledge of work so you rank will be higher than other fresher candidates at the time of interview.

Graphic Design Program

Want to make a career in IT sector but not interested in coding/programming then join our graphic design training program.

It looks easy to do design on Photoshop by watching video tutorials but it will not give you that level of expertise which is required to get a good job in an IT company. As for one job opening of “Graphic Designer Profile” many candidates can go for an interview but only that candidate get selected who has a great design skills.

We will help you in making your design portfolio which you can show to the interviewer and it will definitely help you in getting good job.?
Note: You have to purchase the domain and hosting to create online portfolio.

Fees: 10,000 Rs

What you will learn during the Graphic Design Program?

Logo Design Business Card Design
Letter Head Design Post Design for Social Media Promotion
Website Banner Design Flyer Design
Website Mockup Design

HTML Development Program

What you will learn during the HTML Development Program?

Javascript Jquery
Bootstrap PSD to HTML

Fees: 14,000 Rs

If you have keen interest in coding/programming and want to make your career as a coding expert then you can join our “HTML Development Program”.

We will give you 3 assignments of HTML which you have to complete during the training program. We will setup these 3 HTML works on live server so that you can show your coding/programming work at the time of interview. These 3 live project works will help the interviewer to understand your technical skills.
Note: You have to purchase the domain and hosting to create online portfolio.

Full Stack Web Designer

This course is a combo of Graphic Design Program & HTML Development Program. In this course we will give you training of both designing and HTML development which will enhance the possibility of getting job faster because after completing this course you will have knowledge of both design and development.
Note: You have to purchase the domain and hosting to create online portfolio.

Fees: 21,000 Rs

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