We have given a few suggestions which will be helpful in improving the conversion rate and generating more leads for your business.

1. Include a few fields in contact/inquiry form.

2. Use action language for call to action buttons like “grab yours,” “reserve your seat”, etc.

3. Keep conversion elements above the fold for optimal results.

4. Clearly state the benefits of your product or service i.e, how your product or service will help customers or solve their problem.

5. Pay careful attention to your headline.

6. Use testimonials as it will improve the credibility of your products or services.

7. Use video to humanize your brand or to show that there is a real person behind your brand.

8. Use popup sign-up forms to boost email subscriptions.

Conversion Rate Optimization Process


We will analyse your website to find out the weak points due to which prospects are not conver- ting into customers.


We will create our strategy based on the analysis of your website, your target customers and the data analytics.


Our team of designers, developers and digital marketing experts will start implementing the changes on the website.


Our quality assurance team will ensure that the changes are implemented as per the formul- ated strategy and the site is ready for Alpha/Beta testing.


We will keep our eyes on the performance of the website to ensure that the implemented changes are delivering better results


The results of our alpha/beta testing will help us to better understand your website visitors as well as the aspects which affect the conversion.

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